Suction 1.3.8

A tiny application to help tidy up your folders

Suction is a free, portable app that will help sort out messy folders in no time at all. View full description


  • Drag and drop to consolidate
  • Remove empty folders in moments
  • Can be added to context menu
  • Lots of nice organization options


  • None so far


Suction is a free, portable app that will help sort out messy folders in no time at all.

Are you one of those people who has hundreds of folders on their system, in no particular order? Suction is a tiny portable application that can help.

Suction works by consolidating parent directories. For example, if your images directory is full of unnecessary folders, drag the folder into the Suction interface, and it will do away with the folders, leaving you just with the files. This is also useful for people who download a lot of stuff, as you can end up with a very untidy tree of folders and sub folders.

Clicking Suction's information button opens the options, which allows you to make various tweaks that take Suction from an average program to a really impressive and useful tool. The little app can be added to the context menu, and you can configure it to remove duplicates, rename your files, and even automatically sort them into new folders. It also logs your actions, and allows you to enable an undo button.

Suction used to be a really basic tool. Recent versions, however, have gone from good to great, adding options and features that make it a stand-out option to have in your PC kit.

Suction is a neat little folder consolidation tool that makes a great addition to your portable application collection


  • Internal optimizations and tweaks
  • Removed UAC compatability – causes more issues than it resolves
  • Added option to keep the Suction window on top of all other applications (See Configuration pane)
  • Fixed a null reference bug that would cause the application to crash under certain configurations
  • Fixed bug where Suctioned files and sorting folders would be deleted in certain situations when sorting was
  • Added Windows UAC compatability to allow for elevated credentials at runtime
  • Fixed a minor file path issue
  • Added an “Undo” feature allowing you to reverse your last Suction action
  • Added a sorting feature allowing you to sort files into folders after Suctioning
  • Fixed “Suctioned” count to reflect actual file movements rather than all files seen


Suction 1.3.8

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